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Zanskar landscape is probably the most unique on entireearth. So, even the attractions in the town are unique from anything you would have seen till now. The main attraction definitely is the river rafting in the Zanskar river. As a matter of fact, every inch of Zanskar is stunning enough, that you just can't afford to miss it.Far from the madding crowd, Zanskar is a travel destination that deifies description. A scantly populated region perched on the lap of the Himalayan ranges, this hill resort is home to two amazing alpine lakes. Added to this, the view of the Drang-Drung glacier is awe-inspiring

Zanskar offers you a lot of accommodation options. Tourists may stay at the Tourists' complexes. Opt for the camps in the tents. You can also stay at the monasteries and village houses. Added to these, Zanskar is also home to a few hotels where you can get basic facilities.

The road connecting Zanskar with Kargil is open from mid July to early November. Buses, jeeps, gypsies and taxis are readily available for transport to Zanskar from Kargil.


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